Leaping Bunny Approved

What it means to be Leaping Bunny Approved

Leaping Bunny Approval under the Leaping Bunny Programme is the most coveted and rigorous cruelty-free beauty certification available. It is attained through Cruelty Free International, the leading organization to end animal experimentation on a global scale. In short, Leaping Bunny Programme forbids animal testing on all levels of a brand’s supply chain through intensive audit reviews.

In order to obtain Leaping Bunny Approval, we submitted to a rigorous audit by Cruelty Free International. This review certified that all Aveda products, raw materials, and ingredients are not tested on animals during any stage of product development and manufacturing. It also required verification that all suppliers and manufacturers comply with Leaping Bunny criteria.

Leaping Bunny Approved-brands must also agree to be independently audited every 12 months, ensuring ongoing compliance, and must recommit to the program annually. These two points are significant differentiators of the Leaping Bunny Programme, making it unique among cruelty-free certifiers. Attaining this certification is a monumental step in our cruelty-free journey—and an exciting milestone in AVEDA’s mission of care.

For more information visit https://www.aveda.com/living-aveda-article-leaping-bunny-approved

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